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Allen's Bug Deflectors with No Holes Drilled

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Protect your windscreen with Allen's Bug Deflectors! Our bug deflectors stick on using our patented system with 3M VHB tape. No holes drilled!
My name is Garry Allen.  I am the Creator/Inventor of the Allen’s ‘No Holes Drilled’ Bug Deflectors.
I have been involved with 4WD’S near all my life, growing up in Western Queensland with a pastoral and mining background.  
We moved to Far North Queensland in the ‘80’s and started a business in Custom Graphics, Stripes, Signs, Window Tinting and Windscreens.  In the old days all the signs and stickers were hand cut with a small craft knife and templates. This was very tedious and time consuming.  You had to have a very steady hand.  I often feel I had the longest apprenticeship in the world.

Allen's bug deflectors are made in Australia and stick to your 4x4's bonnet with no holes drilled.

Why did we create Allen’s ‘No Holes Drilled’ Bug Deflectors?

We wanted to create a product that would not only look good, but be functional as well.  Allen’s Bug Deflectors needed to protect your windscreen from stone chips, grasshopper and bug guts. 
I really wanted to help our customers who had a windscreen fitted and would come back soon after with stone damage.  Sometimes even on the same day! 
Our country customers would also come into the shop complaining about all the bug and grasshopper grease from driving through a bug plague, especially at night when they had spot lights on.

Originally the 'Allen's Bug Buster', Allen's bug deflectors stick to the vehicle bonnet with damaging the paint. Perfect for you 4x4!

Allen’s Bug Deflectors were Born

Originally called ‘The Bug Buster’, we really wanted to create a quality bug deflector.  We really didn’t want to drill holes in our customer’s bonnet. 

Stick-On Brackets – The Trials Began

We created a number of different bracket styles and found a very high bond double sided tape.  We needed a tape that would not damage the bonnet, even after many years of service.
It had to be not just any double sided tape, 3M VHB – Very High Bond tape.  The kind of tape that could withstand the rigors of wind, heat and weather stress and be safe to use on your bonnet was very important.  


Our brackets stick on with 3M VHB tape, meaning it will not come off the bonnet unless you want it to!

Bug Deflector Kits – Shipped around Australia

Allen’s Bug Deflectors come in DIY Kits to make installation simple.  Each kit has a Bonnet Template with an Instruction Manual with pictures that make the installation easy to follow.  You just have to make sure you have a clean bonnet, free of oxidised paint or heavy polish so the Bug Deflector Tape can stick to your bonnet for years to come.
Allen’s have shipped 1,000’s of Bug Deflectors Australia Wide.  We have even had enquiries from the USA and the Middle East.  The Australia Post shipping option is available in our shopping cart.
If you would like to remove the Bug Deflector from your bonnet and even put it on another vehicle, the process is easy.  You can purchase a Removal Tool or make your own.  Removal takes little effort, just a bit of know-how and some new pieces of our special VHB Tape.  

Get your stick-on bug deflector personalised with name stickers to suit your personality!

Custom Name & Graphics – Add Your Own Personality

Lots of our customers are really excited to add a Custom Name and Graphics to their Bug Deflector.   Allen’s Stripes have been making vehicles unique for many years.  We often create a ‘suite’ of Striping, Graphics and Bug Deflector Custom Name to make your own rig special.  We give it a bit of ‘personality’ some might say!
Dressing up four wheel drives or any vehicles is what comes naturally to us here at Allen’s.  In 2012 we expanded our business to supply and fit 4x4 accessories, including being a successful ARB 4x4 Accessories Stockist.
Drive into Allen’s to get your bug deflector fitted at the same time as your ARB Bull Bar, your windows tinted and a personalised stripe fitted to your vehicle.  The full service!

Allen’s Bug Deflectors – No Holes Drilled

We are the ‘Good Guys in White Hats’! 
With all the Good Gear!


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